Runyon’s record |

Runyon’s record

Karl Berger, Wolcott

It is great to hear that the Eagle County Democrats are steadfast in their support of Peter Runyon this election, claiming his great accomplishments during his term. I am trying to figure out why they would like to point out his record, since as far as I can tell, they should hope we all would forget.

Would it be his accomplishing the largest tax increase in Eagle County history, or maybe funding a program overwhelming defeated in an election, completely against the will of his constituents? Perhaps it is purchasing the development rights to a ranch that is so far away, most people don’t even know where it is! All these millions of dollars for land that we as citizens can’t set foot on.

Could it be that we now have so many regulations for building a home that I have spent in excess of $25,000 in fees and requirements for a simple cabin on my ranch, before I even put a shovel to the ground? This county is so out of control with spending and forwarding personal agendas that it will be years to undo the damage.

The Menconi and Runyon Comedy Show is about to get cancelled, cause as we all know too well, it really is not funny at all.

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