Rush Limbaugh, the ‘clown’ |

Rush Limbaugh, the ‘clown’

Jim Akin
Vail, CO., Colorado

Recently a local liberal described Rush Limbaugh as a clown. Well he is partially correct. Rush is an entertainer, and clowns are entertainers.

Webster describes “entertainment” as “something diverting, engaging or amusing.” As a regular listener to Rush, I would say he fits all of these descriptions.

Rush does not profess to be a politician or a newscaster. His comments are his opinions, and we all are entitled to our opinions.

He is not, nor has he ever proclaimed to be the leader or spokesman for the Republican Party. In fact if you listen to what he says, he makes it perfectly clear that he is first and foremost a conservative and that not all Republicans are true conservatives.

He considers himself “America’s Truth Detector.” He tells it like it is, and liberal don’t like that.

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As to being a clown, I suspect Rush might say maybe. After all, clowns let it all hang out and have the desire to make us smile. Everybody loves a clown.

Jim Akin


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