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RV park makes the ballot

Don Rogers

At last. The Minturn Town Council this week did what it should have done months ago, if not longer: Put the RV park idea to a vote of the people.The previous council refused, relying on the dodge that since the town would only lease the land in question to the RV park developer and not actually sell it, there was no call for an election.That logic was pretty thin, and the spring election results were largely a rebuke to park plans that suddenly metastasized, as far as the public knew, just a week before that election.All this, of course, doesn’t make the RV park a bad idea. Actually, from this sideline vantage, it looks like a pretty good venture that could help the town with revenue at relatively low risk. There’s nothing like it in the Vail Valley, and solid potential for a higher-end haven for recreational vehicles here.Councilman Tom Sullivan, owner of the Minturn Inn and the lone council member to vote against even an electionon the idea, doth protest a bit too much, it seems.He was chided directly by Councilman Fred Haslee, who seemed to have had enough with Sullivan’s never-ending stream of objections Wednesday night.The most humorous interchange between the two came when Sullivan suggested the years-long process was moving too quickly.Too quickly? “I don’t know how we can proceed any slower than we have,” Haslee responded.Like the idea or hate it – and Minturn residents are split – Haslee is right about the pace.It’s time to settle this one, and then move on. If the RV park really doesn’t move a majority of Minturn residents, well, the town’s leaders should be freed to consider other ideas. Let the voters decide. Brilliant! D.R.Vail Colorado

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