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Ryan’s looking for roses

He deserves better.

He deserves you.

Tracy Miller from KKCH 92.3 FM is doing an in-studio interview with him this very morning (after Wednesday’s “Bachelorette” episode) to ask him a few

questions about women in general, and why he’s accused of thinking there are no hot women in Vail.

Here’s the deal.

If anyone is interested in seeing/meeting Ryan, Tracy would love for all girls to show up at the studio this morning between 9-10 a.m. We’re told he’s very nice and polite, just a little wayward in his thinking.

The KKCH studio is located in the Christie Sports building in Avon. The cranberry awning is two doors to the right of the Christie Sports

entrance. It says AGM Radio on the doors. Just storm the studio and wrap underwear or other objects of affection (like you arms) around Ryan.

Birthday brigade

Princess P, collecter of happy memories and happy birthdays, called us with some birthdays.

– If you see Brian Olmstead around Vistas and Paddy’s, wish him a happy belated birthday.

– If you see Eric Compositor at the Brush Creek Saloon, see that he has some happiness on his birthday.

– It won’t be hard to find George “Gupp” Schrup today. He’ll be the one wearing a huge birthday grin.

Politics in action

Our spies, who in this case is Scott Miller of the Eagle Valley Enterprise, said there is a touch of consternation about the lack of access to BLM land around the Eagle Ranch project in Eagle. One of the Eagle Town Council members pointed out that the BLM land around Eagle Ranch is pretty steep

Of course, a pun was born.

Just market it as access to a thrill ride to extreme mountain bikers looking for the latest, steepest thing.

The name?

It has to be “Access of Evil.”

Congratulations Nikita

Nikita Apostle smoked the field in the USASA Junior Girls Boardercross event regionals in Beaver Creek. She qualifies for the nationals in April in Maine, where she’ll go head to head with the best in the business.

Volley Boys

Scott Bunker of the U.S. volleyball team will be settin’ and spikin’ at 5:30 p.m. Friday, at Eagle Valley Middle School, as part of a men’s volleyball exhibition. Local volleyball guru Rob Crawford is putting the event together, and it’ll have the best players in Colorado. Men’s volleyball looks a little like human howitzers firing leather spheres at each other. After the exhibition, you can get on the court with these guys, get top level instruction and win prizes by hitting them in the chest with a volleyball – which is way cooler than a silent auction. The whole thing is FREE, so it’s an awareness-raiser, not a fund-raiser. Local boys volleyball will be offered at the end of February. Check out http://www.lightningvc.com.

Hammerin’ with Habitat

Habitat for Humanity’s Massive Garage Sale is 8 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 1. There’s no way to give you directions, so just drive to Eagle on the appointed day and follow the signs. They have lots of plumbing fixtures and fittings, electrical fittings and fixtures, bedding, appliances, and a bunch of household items. They had a garage sale in October, which set new outdoor records for putting people together with cool stuff. Call 748-6718 for more info.

They’re also collecting used hammers to build houses, which is what Habitat for Humanity does. To donate your used hammers, bring ’em to the garage sale, along with your check book.

Frog finds its way home

Dazey at Sticky Green called to say Homey The Frog, the Sticky Green mascot, found its way home. She said one of the contractor guys who did tatoos and piercings in her shop took off with it. He finally fessed up and handed it over. And just in time, because about the time he came up with it, the local constables hauled him off to the Crossbar Hotel, saying he had been in trouble with other law enforcement officials in the past. She said, “Don’t expect to see Ron The Con soon.”

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