Saab’s lament |

Saab’s lament

Colby Scudder

This is a SAAB lover’s response to the town of Vail’s divorce from driving the beloved SAAB ” a relationship ended after 30 years.

Dearest Police Department: Woe is me, saab. I will miss the town of Vail’s police vehicles of 30 years. OK, I drive one, an older one, very old at that, a 1990 SAAB 900-CV model, and pathetically I must admit, as a kid seeing these weird looking cars I was oddly intrigued and inspired to eventually purchase one (insert tear drop here).

Yes, when I first glanced at SAABS driving around Vail, they were “visually challenged,” but I loved them just the same. I admit I am pathetic to have a passionate visual love affair with a car, one with sleekish lines, a keen ability to cut through snow, and an odd placement of its key-hole-ignition-switch thingy.

But I understand why Vail has divorced SAAB after a 30-year marriage, and how they “needed” to bring in shinier, newer, perkier SUV models. Younger cars are better, stronger, faster … . Yes my friends, it’s sad to see the SAABs go, and I will miss them driving Vail’s 10-plus streets. Alas, farewell my love(s).

But, good news for me, I am keeping my red semi-shiny-only-when-it-rains badly-needs-to-be-waxed SAAB for sentimental reasons. Personally, I couldn’t give up something so beautiful after a long-term relationship (insert tear-drop here) and businessilly, no budget cuts are needed here.

Colby Scudder


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