Sad indictment of us |

Sad indictment of us

Don Rogers

You’d think Osama bin Laden himself bought the U.S. Coast Guard and would be taking over port security.And that was the duck-and-find-cover Republicans talking.So … the GOP has not only forsaken any semblance of fiscal discipline, but now taken utter leave of their senses, as well.Ironically, perhaps the issue that finally topples President Bush the younger will turn out to be the one he has absolutely the correct view on.The same thinking that led to the Japanese being herded into camps during World War II is alive and well. Sadly.Leading the charge are those supposedly color-blind and oh-so-tolerant Democrats, lighting their torches and spreading a measure of hysteria over Middle Easterners as a group. The port thing is not about security, at least not in fact. It’s about racism – rancid at that – and an unhealthy dallop of political opportunism.The Dubai company that bought terminal operations for parts of six U.S. ports from a British company (remember Brits have Islamic terrorists, too) is well respected throughout the world and has Americans as leading executives. Some 60 percent of the terminals at U.S. ports are owned by foreign companies, including the Chinese. We won’t be safer with nice American ownership of companies loading and unloading containers. Not a bit. The moral here is politicians largely are missing theirs. Shame on all of us.

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