Sailing the seas of Scully’s |

Sailing the seas of Scully’s

Connie Steiert

This weekend marks the 15th anniversary for Scully’s in Eagle-Vail. Over the past decade and a half, the store has not only become an indispensable staple for area businesses and artists, any local will tell you it’s a great place to purchase fun and delightful gifts as well.Although Scully’s official anniversary date is March 15, with a tip of the hat to heritage, and an eye to a fun, national holiday, Scully’s will kick off its month-long anniversary celebration on St. Patrick’s Day.Starting March 17, Scully’s will hold sales every week for a month, until April 17, in honor of 15 wonderful years in the Vail Valley. Each week will mark sales from different departments and on different items and there is a wide range of useful and just plain fun items to choose from.Looking back over the past 15 years, owner Tim Scully is struck by how the store has metamorphosed into an interesting place to shop with a fascinating and diverse inventory.&quotWe have really diversified,&quot Scully said. &quotWhen we first bought the store it was basically just an office supply store.&quotScully’s is still well known for its extensive selection office products, and the store has a catalog where customers can order another 22,000 items. Scully’s receives nightly tractor-trailer shipments of products, and can get many special orders within 24 hours. And, the store offers free delivery of office supplies to businesses.New in the past month is a Web site, which allows Scully’s customers to order products online at The store has already received orders from as far away as California and Florida from customers who say that can’t find some of the items Scully’s carries locally.Scully’s is also known for its great selection of office furniture a big hit with local businesses. Not only does Scully’s offer quality furniture for Denver-competitive prices, customers don’t have to pay freight on their purchases either.But the office supply portion of Scully’s is only a fourth of its business and its inventory today. &quotPeople wanted more than just an office supply store, that’s for sure,&quot Scully said. &quotIt’s a lot more interesting to shop than it was 15 years ago.&quotFor the past several years, Scully’s has carried the largest art supply section from Grand Junction to Denver. In addition, the store carries beautiful gift items, too, such as rows of unusual and beautiful picture frames, lovely handmade papers and unique photo albums.Scully’s card section is renowned throughout the valley.&quotEveryone who comes in here says we have the best cards,&quot assures Scully. The store’s card selection has grown so popular, in fact, the room has been expanded. And Deb Scully, Tim’s wife and partner, just picked up a new, humorous line that is sure to be a showstopper.Scully gives a large portion of the credit for the store’s distinctive and varied inventory to Deb. &quotShe knows how to buy,&quot he said.The store’s recent addition of a complete scrapbook section has proved a huge hit.&quotAfter 9/11, people want to get their pictures out of the closet and into a scrapbook,&quot Scully explained. Scully’s holds are rows colorful and irresistible scrapbooking paraphernalia, from bright and amusing embellishments and knick knacks, to cutouts and stickers, scenic pages and shaped hole punchers and shelves filled with bright, captivating scrapbooks to choose from. Instead of just using a photo album, you can create a &quotbeach vacation book&quot or a tribute to your child’s soccer team. And, if you’re stuck for ideas, Scully’s has a wall full of delightful examples to get you started.One of the store’s newest sections is its kid’s section. The alcove which has held Christmas cards over the holidays, changing with the seasons, is now filled with children’s crafts, artistic projects and toys. Scully’s has long held a small sampling of these type of mind enriching activities, but the selection proved so popular that Deb and Tim decided to devote a whole room to &quotCreativity for Kids&quot products and many more artistic items.&quotWe have lots of interesting things to keep kids artistically inclined,&quot Scully said.&quotI’m really excited about the kid’s department,&quot Deb added. &quotThere’s not a lot of creativity out there in this valley for kids. Most stores just carry toys.&quotTo encourage that creativity further, Scully’s has offered numerous art classes for children and adults during the past year in its well-equipped art room everything from classes on scrapbooking, painting and drawing to faux finishing. Because spring gets so busy with vacations and school activities, the store will take a hiatus from offering art classes until this summer, when the classes will resume including the ever popular plein air classes, conducted in the midst of our beautiful mountain scenery.&quotDuring the past 15 years, Scully’s has expanded three different times going from the original 3,000 square feet to the existing 5,000 square feet and adding the art studio.But more importantly, the couple seems to know their clientele and have their fingers on the pulse of the community.Both Deb and Scully give full credit to the staff, which has grown from just one employee to five full-time staffers over the years.&quotThe quality of the staff has made it a lot easier,&quot Scully assured. Customer service, added Deb, is everything in the retail business.&quotThere has been a total transformation,&quot Deb said of Scully’s 15-year history. &quotIt’s been a fun adventure. It’s hard to believe 15 years have gone by.&quotCheck the paper each week for the latest and greatest sale during Scully’s anniversary celebration. For more information, call Scully’s at (970) 845-7650.

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