Saints ascend to next level in Edwards, Colorado |

Saints ascend to next level in Edwards, Colorado

Lauren Glendenning
Vail CO Colorado
CVR VCHS graduation KA 05-24-09

EDWARDS, Colorado ” The class of 2009 at Vail Christian High School in Edwards, Colorado, is like one big family.

There were just 22 graduates at Vail Christian this year ” most of them had been in classes together since ninth grade, and many were in school together before that. The seniors graduated Sunday in the Grace Auditorium at the school.

They all knew one another better than as just another face in the hallway or classroom. They had classes together, studied together, worshiped together, ate and laughed together ” the friendships created at Vail Christian, the graduates expect, will last a lifetime.

More than half of the graduates went on a camping trip together last week to celebrate the new beginnings they all face ” many are moving out of the house to go to out-of-state universities like Stanford University and the University of San Diego ” so the trip was like one final party before the family would part ways until the next reunion. Valedictorian Bo Dwyer said the bonding experience was one of the best times they’ve all had together.

Salutatorian Alexandra Parker said the small class size helped the students grow and learn to tolerate different personalities.

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“You grow to love people you might not have hung out with at a bigger school,” she said.

That’s what graduate Matyson Peckham said she’ll miss the most, too ” the close connection she has with her classmates and the quality education she said they all received.

“It’s like we’re one big family here,” she said. “I became really close with my class.”

For many of the seniors, graduation was a culmination of milestones they had reached throughout the years.

In their senior year alone, classmates such as Jessica Linder made history at the school as the first athlete to become a state champion at the school. Linder, a Nordic skier, won two state races in February.

Seniors such as Kelly Lowry and A.J. Burgess tried out for their first school play this year, “Guys and Dolls.” The two went from playing sports to singing and dancing on stage, something they thought they’d never do.

It’s the leadership, conviction and confidence they’ve built upon throughout their high school years that students thank Vail Christian High School for teaching them. They’ll take their faith, too, and enter the world as young adults beginning the next major phase of their lives.

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