Salazar joins Democrats in calling for Rumsfeld’s firing |

Salazar joins Democrats in calling for Rumsfeld’s firing

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WASHINGTON – Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., added his voice Wednesday to the chorus of complaints about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with a letter asking President Bush to fire Rumsfeld and appoint someone “who can gain the confidence of the American people.”Rumsfeld “has engaged in a long history of misjudgment and incompetence in the Iraq conflict,” Salazar wrote.Rumsfeld’s statement Tuesday that critics of the Iraq war “suffer from moral and intellectual confusion” is “a grave insult” and “yet another example of the secretary’s long trail of mistakes and misjudgments about the American people,” Salazar wrote.Salazar said that mistakes Rumsfeld has made include:-Estimating in 2003 that the war would cost less that $50 billion when it is anticipated to exceed $500 billion.-Stating at the beginning of the war that the conflict would last six months or less when it has lasted more than three years.Rumsfeld “should admit his huge mistakes and help move forward in developing a success strategy in Iraq and the Middle East,” Salazar said.

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