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Sam Dunlop

Caramie Schnell
Dominique Taylor/The Vail TrailSam Dunlop

Name: Sam Dunlop

Age: 34

Occupation: Snowboarding at Golden Peak Ski School

Family: Husband: Simon

Originally from England, Sam Dunlop spends the winter seasons in Vail teaching children to snowboard. The other half of the year she travels around the globe with her husband to his native country of Australia. While there the couple work at a year-round resort called Thredbo, a ski-and-snowboard Mecca tucked away in the highest mountains in Australia.

I know that America needs to know a bit more about it. I think Vail is different because there are a lot of international people, but I think a lot of Americans don’t know there’s a big, beautiful world out there and that it’s worth exploring. I’m shocked sometimes when people ask me where is Great Britain on a map, or I’ve been asked if I’m going to drive back to the UK. I don’t think people realize there’s quite a big body of water in between. I’m so amazed.

Grace. I think it’s a nice word, but it also encompasses the idea that there is always a place where you can receive grace. Plus, it’s a soft nice word with a big ‘g’ at the beginning.

I was in a shoe store once and they had a sale on and I was very young and I was walking around in these shoes. They had a scuff on them and I thought maybe I could get some for money off for it. And then this girl came up and said, ‘excuse me, can I have my shoes back?’ I wasn’t that old, but I’ll never forget it. I was 14 or 15. There wasn’t any one around but I just died.

Our laptop, because we use that for calling everyone, e-mail. We just got Skype; you can call everyone around the world for cheap. It’s as good as a phone. You can phone land lines as well for a fraction of the price. It’s magic.

Maybe Kylie Minogue, because she’s little, like me. I’m under five foot tall.

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