Same ol’ Newt |

Same ol’ Newt

Jim Risser

Wrong! Newt has not changed his stripes in the least. Contrary to Kaye Ferry’s commentary, he has merely re-clothed the same old partisan political agenda. The rhetoric may be altered, programs ever more deceptively labeled and proposals creatively titled, but underneath the objectives remain remarkably familiar. His gratuitous “bone” to the common man ” that the “American people have a lot of common sense; it’s the elites that are nuts” ” is intentionally disingenuous. As he well knows, the elite have sense enough to realize that in fact many Americans are nuts ” easily deceived by glib sound bites. While preying on people’s legitimate fears at a time of high gasoline prices, home foreclosures, lost jobs, an endless war draining our nation’s resources, declining value of the dollar and erosion of America’s stature in the world, the elites are driving an agenda of greed.

Gingrich’s “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition is typical and a perfect case in point. It’s not even an effective stop-gap measure, let alone a solution. To infer that America could ever approach energy independence, or put a dent in rising oil prices in the next 25 to 30 years through domestic drilling, is counter-productive.

Independent experts agree that drilling offshore, in the Arctic Natural Wildlife Refuge or, more broadly, across the continental U.S. would have no near- or intermediate-term effect on gasoline prices. The large oil companies already have significant areas across the country in which they are not yet drilling. Their expressed urgency to open up new environmentally sensitive areas is clearly driven by their concern that after the election the next administration will not be so amenable to such drilling ” not by the prospect of lower gasoline prices.

So, like many other “American Solutions,” the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” effort solves none of the purported problems. It’s all about the elites ” big oil, big auto, big investors and big campaign contributions. If we the people buy into this, we are the “nuts!”

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