Same-sex marriage licenses absent in Eagle |

Same-sex marriage licenses absent in Eagle

Eagle County won’t be on the frontlines of the battle over gay marriage.

First of all, a same-sex couple has yet to seek a marriage license from Eagle County. Secondly, Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton says even if a gay couple shows up in the Eagle County Building asking for a marriage license, they probably won’t get one.

“State law won’t allow it,” says Simonton, a Republican who was elected to her post in 2002.

In Colorado, Simonton says, counties are an extension of the state government. Under state law, counties issue marriage licenses – not cities and towns. And Colorado state law is quite specific in identifying who can be lawfully considered a married couple.

According to the Colorado Revised Statutes, Number 14-2-104, Subparagraph B, the institution of marriage is between one man and one woman. No exceptions.

As the upheaval over same-sex marriage continues, state and county officials say they are making certain they are following the same policy. Across the state, county clerks are being reminded of the above statute by their legal counsels.

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