San district expanding sludge area at landfill |

San district expanding sludge area at landfill

Cliff Thompson

The Eagle River Water and Sanitation wants to expand the site of what may be the ultimate in recycling at the Eagle County landfill.

The water and sanitation operator wants to purchase an additional 18 acres from the U.S.. Bureau of Land Management as a buffer zone around its biosolids waste facility at the landfill. The facility handles approximately 100 tons of biosolids annually. Biosolids are the material that sewer plants cannot break down any farther. They material is air-dried and sold to landscapers, who use it to enrich soil.

The government-entity-to government-entity sale is expected to be completed in the next 18 months and will cost the sanitation district $450, or $25 an acre.

The area next to the county’s 730-acre landfill is being eyed for residential development, said Bob Trueblood at Eagle River Water and Sanitation, and the district is seeking a buffer zone around it.

“There is an odor when the sludge first comes out,” Trueblood said. “There is also noise and traffic from the vehicles.”

The sludge is stored in the winter at a building at the landfill. In the warmer months it is air dried.

Trueblood said the landfill sells 75 percent of the dried biosolids to landscapers and the remaining 25 percent is used to cap the landfill.

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