Sarah Smith Hymes named new Mayor of Avon |

Sarah Smith Hymes named new Mayor of Avon

Sarah Smith Hymes at the dais in Avon Town Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 11, after being selected to be the town's new Mayor by a vote of 5-2.
Chris Dillmann |

The Avon Town Council swore in new members and voted in favor of Sarah Smith Hymes becoming mayor on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

In addition to incumbents Smith Hymes and Scott Prince, new council members Chico Thuon and Tamra Nottingham Underwood were sworn in by Judge Buck Allen.

The day was also proclaimed Matt Gennett and Megan Burch Day; Gennett and Burch served on council from 2014 to 2018.

After vacating her seat on the dais, Burch presided over the selection of the new mayor and mayor pro tem. Former Mayor Jennie Fancher nominated Smith Hymes for mayor and Smith Hymes in turn nominated Amy Phillips for mayor pro tem. Both were elected by a margin of 5-2, with council members Jake Wolf and Chico Thuon voting for Wolf as mayor and, when that was turned down, voting for Wolf as mayor pro tem.

Smith Hymes said she hopes to inspire collaboration on council.

“I consider us a council of equals,” she said. “And I see the role of mayor as really just facilitating the work of the entire council, in terms of the management and scheduling of our agenda items.”

Smith Hymes also saluted Fancher for her service as mayor over the last four years.

“She came into the mayor position after serving on council for just two years, and I think that, that is a reach,” Smith Hymes said. “Having been on council for four years, and been able to be pro tem for two, I think that Jennie stepping into that role so early in her tenure and doing such a great job is a testament to her intelligence and dedication, and luckily we have her for another two years (as a council person.)”


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