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Sarah Sparling

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Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyTexas-born Sarah Sparling's soft drawl stands out in the Vail Valley, but in sign language she has no accent.

e teenage drama,” was the advice that Vail Christian High School senior Sarah Sparling got from her parents. After all, Sparling’s family has never been big on unnecessary drama. Instead Sparling’s parents, Helena and Jon, emphasized scholarly achievements. Sparling’s three older brothers: Jon, 23, who attends Centenary College in Shreveport, La.; William, 21, who attends Southern Methodist University in Dallas; and David, 20, who attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins, are living examples of the family’s fondness for education. Sparling moved to the Vail Valley two years ago from Dallas.

After her mom finished her research, Sparling was enrolled at Vail Christian High School. Sparling says the Vail Valley is a different world compared to Dallas. “The scenery is better here. The people are nicer,” she says. “People are not as busy.”

The minute you hear Sparling’s soft drawl, you know she didn’t grow up here. The accent gives her away. But then again, for someone fluent in sign language, accents do not matter much.

In Dallas, Sparling took sign language as her foreign language requirement at Shelton High School. “They offered it and it looked interesting to me,” she says. At Vail Christian, Sparling fit in well ” accent or not ” execpt for one missing class ” sign language. Luckily, American Sign Language is taught at Colorado Mountain College, so Sparling has picked up classes there to earn her credits and finish her foreign language requirements.

This summer, Sparling will be back in Dallas, visiting family and friends before heading off to either Baylor University in Waco, Texas or Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Wherever she ends up, she’ll more than likely be studying veterinary medicine. But Sparling says she’ll miss the valley. “I will definitely miss the people here and the weather, she says. “l’ll miss all the outdoor activities.”

She encourages younger VCHS students to take advantage of the resources the school has to offer.

Looking 10 years down the road, Sparling says she’s not sure exactly where she’ll be. “I just know I’ll be happy,” she says with a sure smile.

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