Saturday’s Minturn bomb threat ‘fake,’ authorities say, but leaves residents on edge |

Saturday’s Minturn bomb threat ‘fake,’ authorities say, but leaves residents on edge

A fake bomb threat in Minturn closed U.S. Highway 24 for around four hours Saturday night. People in Minturn were ordered stay where were, 'or "shelter in place," while investigators sorted it all out.
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MINTURN — A fake bomb threat closed U.S. Highway 24 for more than four hours Saturday night, April 14.

The caller phoned the threat to dispatchers Saturday night, saying a bomb had been planted on the bridge on Minturn’s Cemetery Road, leading to Little Beach Park.

There wasn’t a bomb there, said the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

People in Minturn were never in an any danger, and it remains that way, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Minturn residents received an order from local law enforcement to “shelter in place,” stay in their homes or wherever they were at the time, while local law enforcement officials and first responders sorted it all out.

U.S. Highway 24 was closed during much of that time.

Kurt Batten was working Kirby Cosmo’s BBQ Bar in Minturn during all this. He and several other people had a front row seat.

Around 11 p.m., law enforcement told people in Kirby’s that they could leave the restaurant if they felt they must, but that they should walk, Batten said.

That seemed counterintuitive, Batten said, because a pedestrian would move away from danger much more slowly than a motorist.

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