Save Avon’s ground squirrels |

Save Avon’s ground squirrels

Lindsey Davisson

Living in Avon, most of us believe protecting our environment, filled with gorgeous vegetation, and protecting our beautiful wildlife is very important.

On July 16, while taking my usual daily walk in Nottingham Park, I noticed a man filling in ground squirrel holes with steaming dirt. Since I love watching the cute little critters I asked the man what he was doing. He informed me that to control the population they were pouring CO2 poison down their holes. I was immediately filled with anger. These precious little creatures ran to their homes believing that they would be safe when a man approached them. I called the superintendent of Public Works and he explained that the reason they do this is to keep the population down and a few other reasons that were not satisfactory.

I am outraged. There has to be a better way than killing them. I do NOT think this is justified. These animals are not hurting anybody and if people are stepping in their holes, they need to watch where they are walking. There may be some people that think I’m crazy for caring so much, but please remember that we took over their homes when we moved in, not the other way around.

I beg you to take a minute out of your day and please call this number if you feel killing these poor babies is not right: Contact the Town Council and Mayor at 748-4000. Do not let them transfer you to Public Works.

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