Save the bridge! |

Save the bridge!

On April 4, 2006 the Vail Town Council is scheduled to discuss the Pedestrian Bridge in Vail Village. That is the bridge that runs parallel to the International Bridge and creates easy access to Lower Gore Creek Drive.

This subject came up about three years ago, and the question on the table then was whether to repair the bridge or remove it. The decision made at that time was to repair it. Apparently, the discussion this time centers around its removal.

At our last meeting, the Vail Chamber and Business Association Board of Directors discussed this issue, and on behalf of our members we strongly urge the Vail Town Council to use any means possible to retain the bridge.

The business owners on Lower Gore Creek Drive regard the Pedestrian Bridge as playing a vital role in directing traffic to their businesses. They have requested that we represent their interests in this matter and show support for something that they view as critical to their success.

We are aware that some challenges exist in regard to the safe operation of the bridge during high traffic events, but we feel sure that there is a solution to a problem that is only created on a few days a year. We would be happy to work on a resolution to these issues in a manner that will be workable, safe, and effective for the entire community.

Any members of the community that are interested in the preservation of the Pedestrian Bridge are encouraged to attend the evening town council meeting and voice their concerns.

Marka Brenner, Dale Bugby, John Cogswell, Kaye Ferry, Lourdes Ferzacca, Tom Gorman, Steve Rosenthal, Rich tenBraak, Ron Weinstein

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