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Save the world

Andrew Harley
Summit Daily/Kristin Skvorc

“I feel like I’ve failed to tell this story,” says Al Gore in the sequences of his biographical documentary about the science of global warming and its terrifying effects on the geographical layout, climate-pattern stability and atmospheric reality on planet Earth today. Gore has been developing this statistical journey since he first learned of its existence through one of his professors. He was the first person to organize congressional hearings about the subject, and he spends less time delving into the political aspects of his personal story than I thought he would going into the theater. The matter of Gore’s presentation, which he has been traveling the world to share for decades, is all stuff I learned in elementary school, though I’ve spent much of my life delinquent, or like the frog in cold water shock, which was Gore’s metaphor for the majority of the general population that is sleeping in, while reality builds its forces to a boiling point that will destroy humanity’s ability to exist comfortably on planet Earth:We the people of Earth, like the frog, need to be shocked into reality, to breathe in the truth and exhale the application of knowledge in the form of resolution and change.The fact is that the hottest 10 years in recorded history (average daily temperatures) have occurred in the past 14 years, and the hottest year of all-time was 2005. The Earth’s population is expected to grow to between 9 and 10 billion – nearly double the current number – within the next 20-35 years, which means the greenhouse gases will continue to multiply and trap sun rays between the earth’s surface and the thin border it shares with space; think water balloon. Therefore, the global temperatures will continue to rise and the glacial ice caps and sheets will continue to melt until they are gone and much of Florida, Manhattan, Calcutta, Beijing, Bangladesh, Shanghai and the list goes on are permanently flooded. The poles of the Earth will heat up, the global water level will rise more than 40 feet, meaning that hundreds of millions of the planetary population, which is largely settled on coastal land, will become refugees; look out high country, we might be talking about inconvenient immigration as well as illegal in the not-too-distant future.Also, when the global temperatures rise, the storms become stronger (i.e. Hurricane Katrina, tsunamis and dust epidemics). Gore even took the opportunity to mention how the traditional permafrost has melted with the temperature increases causing the mountain pine beetle to be able to survive through the winter, instead of dying during the coldest months.We started measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in 1958, and they have consistently risen since. The United States, despite its relatively small portion of the global population, pukes out the most per person in the world (the U.S. is the most environmentally poisonous in a lot of Gore’s charts and data).The most vulnerable part of the Earth is its atmosphere. We have healed a stratospheric hole in the past (2003), but we are presently procrastinating the full address of the most dire debacle of this age.And all of this information has been diligently collected by the man who won the popular vote in the United States’ presidential election in the year 2000. So what can we call a country that is the number one Earth killer and that does not abide by majority rule anyway? Totalitarian? Hopelessly incorporated? Dictocratic? Gore reveals all of these frightening realities with the most important thing for the world: Hope. He tells us that we can all make the necessary changes to our lifestyles together, and that we can heal the third planet from the Sun in the Milky Way galaxy of the Universe if we are willing to accept the truth and resolve to try harder, together.This documentary is worth more than five stars for its international importance. Everyone who does not know everything about the current threats to our way of life through global climate change, needs to see this film, but don’t expect a traditional screenplay or a Hollywood ending. This movie means more than the cut-cookie expectations we have grown accustomed to regarding the film medium. See it now. The future depends on each and every one of us. I beg, hands and knees, please become informed (about national politics and global science) and save the world.Vail, Colorado

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