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Say no to union

Jackie Anthony

They have the manipulative skills to convince employees that the grass is greener by joining their organization. Don’t be fooled. There is a saying: A good salesman can sell ice to an Eskimo. Let’s not be so naive as to allow them the opportunity to sell us a bill of goods.

Don’t be a sucker. This is like gambling. You lose a lot more than you win. They want your money. As long as they can continue to collect dues, they will continue to grow as the cancer they are. Don’t sacrifice a healthy working environment

Jackie Anthony

Thanks to Stone

Thank you, Tom Stone, for representing the Eagle-Vail homeowners in their fight against the proposed half diamond in Eagle-Vail.

Since Highway 6 runs through the middle of my neighborhood, I would like to see the traffic kept to a minimum. Besides driving on the highway, I enjoy riding my bike and walking to work along Highway 6. I even have to walk my dogs along the highway at times.

It is distressing to have CDOT so coldly go about their business without considering the input from the neighborhood that they are encroaching on. In the article on Thursday 5/23 regarding the Eagle-Vail interchange, the article mentioned several projects in the valley that deserve higher priorities.

One of those projects that deserves a higher priority is a recreational path through the valley. Several of us would appreciate having a safe avenue to ride or walk to work rather than driving our cars.

Beyond basic transportation, a recreational path would make good sense for tourism for the valley. Again thank you, Tom, for representing your constituents.

Stanton Humphries


Industry’s lackey

In the 16 months since Bush took office, he has:

n Lowered the standards for arsenic in our drinking water, lifted limits on dumping of waste by the National Mining Association,

n Rejected any legislation on more fuel efficient automobiles.

n Withdrawn from the Kyoto treaty on global warming, allowed lumber companies to build more roads into national forests,

n Made it far more easy for power companies to obtain permits, attempted to exploit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, weakened the EPA considerably through political appointments, made it easier for older power plants to pollute,

n Subverted organizations who are actually trying to do something about environmental problems, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,

n Now has his sights set on oil exploration in Utah’s Redrock Canyons, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and Wyoming’s Red Desert.

In this relatively short time, Bush has shown himself to be the most anti- environmental president in history.

It is criminal to leave such issues and decisions of monumental and far-reaching importance to a bunch of narrow-minded, heartless corporate creatures who have only their self interest in mind.

The evil Bush spoke of is right here at home.

But how did we come to this? Perhaps we have a president whom we deserve, someone who caters to the profligate lifestyles of so many Americans. How else can one explain the ease in which Bush pushes his anti-environmental legislation through?

Thomas Hohn


Record season

This is a letter of thanks to all the players and staff who participated in the 2002 WECMRD Adult Basketball season.

This season, 103 players on a record high of 10 teams played. Games were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Eagle Valley Middle School. The season began in January and ended in April.

The league champion for the third consecutive year was Jerry Master Janitorial Service. The co-winners of the Sportsmanship Award were Wylaco and Just a Bunch of Guys.

Thanks to WECMRD staff members Paul Hernandez, Glenn Padgett, David Hernandez, Stewart Mapes and George Hudspeth for contributing to a successful season.

Jeff Sweet

Recreation Coordinator


Change in the air

It’s raining here at the border of the Alps. People, landscape, weather, everything is so different compared to Vail. It’s fun to live in two different worlds. Like planes, e-mail has made our world so much smaller.

You can imagine that there is a lot of things that keep me thinking, if I compare the two different worlds.

One thing I am worrying about the most is the weather. Here in our region of Germany, it has changed, like everywhere all over the world.

It’s generally warmer, but also the direction and strength of the winds seem to have changed, causing different temperatures, as well as different rain and snowfall.

In the many years I have come to Vail, I have seen the winters become very different. This winter, I never had to use my powder straps and I guess those times are over when we skied there from December to February in 3 feet of fresh powder and sometimes more.

Also the words “champagne powder” I don’t hear anymore. I guess the perfect grooming and snowmaking still covers a lot of those changes in Vail.

I wonder if people recognizes what is going on.

I am not one of the guys who is complaining about it. I am just watching and for me it doesn’t matter what causes the changes.

For Vail, I am convinced that within the next 10 years see a extreme Christmas season without snow. Call me old, but this seems to be the most normal thing, if you follow the Tendency through the last 30 years – not only in Colorado but all around the world.

Otto Weist

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