Scanlan is the right choice |

Scanlan is the right choice

I am writing in support of Christine Scanlan. She is running for the Colorado State House of Representatives. I am an unaffiliated voter who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

I am supporting Christine simply because I think she is the best candidate. I had never met her before the candidate debate hosted by the Vail Rotary between Christine and her opponent in August. At the debate, I was impressed by her maturity, composure, and thoughtfulness. She also has a thorough grasp on the complexity of the various issues that the state legislature is addressing. I think she sends a gesture of respect towards fellow citizens by acknowledging the complexity of issues and refusing to dumb them down into soundbites.

Aside from how impressed I feel by Scanlan as a candidate, I also feel it’s worth mentioning that I am underwhelmed by her opponent, Ali Hasan. While I believe Mr. Hasan’s heart is in the right place, I feel his actions have highlighted his naivete and lack of preparedness for elected office. His declaration of celibacy was at best utterly bizarre. His decree that he is an environmental scientist reflects in my mind a deep lack of understanding and appreciation for the credentials an environmental scientist ought to have. Lastly, his spendthrift campaign has been distasteful and egocentric.

Most importantly, Ali has oversimplified the various complex issues that face our district in a manner that is not reflective of a serious or qualified candidate. The monorail is an enormous project whose raw feasibility is uncertain, let alone its funding. Similarly, the pine beetle presents a potentially insurmountable challenge to our community, and it cannot simply be fixed overnight. I personally find his oversimplified stance on these and other issues to be insulting to those who have spent decades researching and addressing them. Comparatively, Christine does not offer easy solutions, because none are to be had. Instead, she pledges to apply her maturity, composure, and thoughtfulness to reach reasonable conclusions. When she does this, the outcomes are impressive.

In summary, I admire both candidates and respect the democratic process their respective candidacies reflect. I am going to vote for Christine Scanlan because of her maturity, composure, and thoughtfulness.

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