Scanlan’s an effective state rep |

Scanlan’s an effective state rep

Dan Wolf
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am a long-time Eagle County business owner who lives in Summit County. My wife and I have observed in person Christine Scanlon at work on our local school board and in the state House as our representative. I have also closely followed Chistine’s work in both bodies. Christine always works for the people she represents whether it is school kids or the citizens of the high country. She always remembers who her constituents are and places their interest first. Her actions and decisions are guided by this simple question ” what is best for the people she represents. She puts forth programs that benefit her constituents and tenaciously advocates for them with great success. She is a critical listener who is able to consider and evaluate views that are different from hers. She brings substantial experience, maturity and intellect to her work. In sum, Christine has been and will continue to be an effective representative for us.

Christine also is one of us. She is a long-time resident of the high country who lives and has raised her family in a locals’ neighborhood. She works in a high country business. She sends her kids to our schools. Sound like you? Most importantly, she understands what is important to us because she is one of us. Can we say the same thing about Hassan?

I have one major issue with Hassan. I am deeply troubled by the vast amount family money he has injected into this local campaign. The amount of family money he has spent has no place in this local election. I fear that a victory for Hassan will mean that our state representatives are for sale. If you have enough family money, the position is yours for the buying. It should not be that way and is corrupting an election that should not involve vast sums of money. Hassan should be campaigning on his merits, not his family’s pocketbook.

In this local election, there are numerous opportunities to meet and speak with the candidates. I urge you to do so. I am confident that you will conclude, like me, that Christine Scanlon has been and will continue to be an effective representative for us.

Dan Wolf

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