Scariest Bike Trail on Vail Mountain |

Scariest Bike Trail on Vail Mountain

Two Elk

’94 Downhill Course Bailey’s Bailou

You begin at the Vail Pass Bike Path, ride up old Highway 6 for 2 miles to the Two Elk Trailhead on the right side. The trail goes over Black Gore Creek and under I-70. Then you begin the climb up Two Elk pass. It’s only 11 miles trailhead to trailhead, a “most difficult” 11 miles.

A serious climb, the elevation gain is 2,600 feet. You will more than likely need a few rests and may even choose to walk parts of it. But it’s worth it as you ride on, and the trees open up to reveal views of the Gore Range and the Sawatch Range.

The rest of the trail is a challenging single-track descent. The trail crosses through the bottom of Vail’s Back Bowls, and travels along side the Two Elk Creek.

Remain alert on this trail, as it is very rocky and has many turns in it. After 9 miles of trail riding, you will cross the Two Elk Bridge. Just little further on is another bridge crossing the Two Elk. The West Trailhead is just ahead, as well as the conclusion of your vigorous ride.

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