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Scenes from the mind’s eye

Wren Wertin
Special to the Daily"Bird dog" by Barry Gray.

Some photographers want to reproduce a scene exactly, but Barry Gray likes to create an entirely new reality. The Gypsum local’s enhanced fine art photography is on display at the Avon Public Library through the end of the month in the Beaver Creek Room.

Gray recently went from traditional photography to the wild world of digital photography, computers and Photoshop.

“Photography has always fascinated me,” said the artist. “But I’d get it printed up, and that wasn’t what I was seeing. I like to make it different, more descriptive. I put (my images) together and come up with something that wasn’t there before.”

Gray was born and raised in Boulder, but has been in Eagle County for 25 years – Boulder was too big, he said. Besides, there were prettier pictures to be taken in Eagle County.

He’s a cabinet maker by trade, but is transitioning into being a full-time photographer. It began as a hobby, but finding darkroom space was tricky. With the advent of the digital era, Gray has a lot more freedom.

“In college I took art and architecture classes,” he explained. “That was my initial attempt at going to school. I just didn’t like being inside and working at a desk. I got into construction, and as I refined what I liked, I ended up making cabinets.”

He’s stimulated and interested by the newness of enhanced digital photography.

“It’s all brand new,” he said. “My philosophy is if you don’t learn something new every day, that’s one less day of your life. This has been a kick, though the more I learn the dumber I get. I wish I was 16 again and knew everything.”

Gray recently won third place with “Gaggle” in the Museum of Computer Art’s enhanced photography contest. The recognition has been fun for him – in fact, that’s part of the incentive.

“Any artist wants to record their thoughts and what they see or think,” he said. “For any artist, such as a writer or actor, that’s the whole point of being an artist – to try and communicate what you’re seeing.”

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what: Barry Gray art exhibit

when: Through Nov. 30

where: Avon Public Library

more info: or 524-9494

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