Schierkolk supports old town revival |

Schierkolk supports old town revival

Daily Staff Report

Bill Schierkolk, 48

– Owner, Castle Peak Plumbing

– 11-year resident of Eagle

– Community involvement: member, Mountain Valley Lutheran Church; served on town Planning and Zoning Commission for over 8 years; currently an alternate for Planning and Zoning Commission.

– Most important issue: Maintaining and updating current infrastructure, including streets, sidewalk, sewer lines, water mains and storm water management.

– Other issues: Redevelopment of the business district and Grand Avenue. The town has some traffic issues that will need to be addressed.

For example, the development of medical facilities at Eagle Ranch will have traffic impacts on Highway 6 (Grand Avenue). Alleviating those impacts will likely require completion of the planned roundabout at Highway 6 and Sylvan Lake Road. We need to continue Brush Creek Road through the Forest Service property to Grand Avenue – the Bull Pasture bypass.

Would like to see the town work on more improvement in the older parts of town, both residential and commercial. “We spend a lot of time on new projects at the Terrace and Eagle Ranch. Those areas are under control. It’s time to get back to the original town.” Would like to see sidewalks, paths and other infrastructure improvements.

– Downtown redevelopment: The redevelopment of both the central business district and Grand Avenue business district would be a priority. “If we can make the frontages on Highway 6 look nicer, we can draw people into the Central Business District.” Business owners can start improving storefronts. Would be interested in studying how the Riverwalk commercial district in Edwards draws in businesses.

– Big box development: “I am against big box development because these projects are developed, the community starts to lose its identity. However, big box stores may be a necessary evil when it comes to a viable tax base to support the needs of the town.”

“I believe the towns of Eagle and Gypsum should work together on this issue because the impacts will be felt by both towns.” Regarding tax incentives for big box development, why bring the impacts into town if we’re not making sure everything – expenses, impacts – is covered?

– Open space management: “Management of Eagle’s open space is in its infancy. It is a good beginning, so we have to be careful about enforcement and identify who the users are so they can be educated in the uses of those areas.” Trails to and from those areas should only be the minimum needed to help prevent the random access that could happen if trail heads are not established in the correct places.

“Access for everybody in general needs to be considered. People can get selfish with their specific interests..”

– Growth policies: The town’s master plan is working very well. It may be time to review growth boundaries. The philosophy of “growing from the inside out” should remain. Adequate public facilities policy must be enforced as strongly as ever.

– Why I’m a good candidate: Experienced as a project manager and small business owner. Have ability to listen. “I have a desire to help the town of Eagle keep its identity … I like the small town feel.”

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