Schizophrenic man shot by police remains in critical condition |

Schizophrenic man shot by police remains in critical condition

Bill Scanlon
Rocky Mountain News
Vail, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado “-The man shot by a Grand County sheriff’s deputy remains in critical condition today at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver.

Christopher David Dalgarn, 23, of Granby, was involved in a confrontation with the deputy on U.S. 40 on Monday evening.

Dalgarn, who according to his mother is schizophrenic, does not have insurance and was not taking the medication that controls his moods.

His mother, Dawn North, says doctors told her that her son may have paralysis because a bullet damaged his spinal cord.

Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson said the deputy, Rochalle Rooks, was involved in a high-speed chase with Dalgarn after another deputy tried to pull him over and Dalgarn sped off.

From a speed of 85 mph, Dalgarn slammed his brakes and the deputy passed him, Johnson said. After turning around, Rooks rammed his cruiser into the side of Dalgarn’s Ford.

Johnson said Dalgarn did not have a weapon but did something that made Rooks fear for his life. Dalgarn has gunshots to his neck, abdomen and little finger.

Rooks is on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

North said she doesn’t understand why her son had to be shot.

Dalgarn pleaded guilty to drunken driving in Grand County in 2004.

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