School board candidate Ryan Geller: ‘We have to represent everyone’ |

School board candidate Ryan Geller: ‘We have to represent everyone’

Ryan Geller is running for the District A seat on the school board.
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EAGLE COUNTY — When kids fall through the cracks, it affects the way they live the rest of their lives, said school board candidate Ryan Geller.

Geller said he’s running to represent everyone — every parent and every student.

Geller said he was almost one of those kids who fell through the cracks, but instead he found the help he needed. When he was a kid he suffered from dyslexia and had trouble with auditory learning.

“In the 1980s we didn’t know what learning disabilities were,” he said.

“They tax our community and it’s time to tax them.” Ryan Geller

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His guidance counselors told him he’d never finish high school.

“I did and went on to graduate an Ivy League school (Cornell),” he said.

His story is not unique, he said.

“Twelve percent the kids are in special education programs, and those are just the ones diagnosed. We have to represent everyone,” he said.

Geller is a business owner and says he’s a solutions oriented entrepreneur. That business acumen gives him an outside-the-box approach to school funding, one of the school board’s toughest challenges.

Geller said agrees that the school district needs more money, but he has a unique idea about how to get it.

Geller said it might be time to “tax people who tax us the most.”

He suggested a possible lodging fee — 0.6 percent — and a possible lift ticket fee. The two could generate millions for local schools.

That money could be spent on overhead, which would free up some of the school district’s general fund money to invest in upgrading salaries and other improvements.

“People here are taxed hard. We pay an extra 50 cents a gallon for gas, and we have to drive further,” he said.

The solution is not complicated, he said.

“They tax our community and it’s time to tax them,” Geller said.

Geller has spent countless hours up to his eyebrows in kid stuff, volunteering and coaching youth sports and activities.

He said he is running to impact the schools in a positive manner that draws on his personal experiences, business acumen and raises the quality of education for all children in all schools in the district.

“Those who know me know that I approach every task with enthusiasm and hard work. I embrace challenges and believe in open dialogue,” Geller said. “While I may not have much political experience, I am excited to bring my experience as a small business owner, involved community member, and hands-on parent to the Eagle County School Board.”

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