School board will choose Edwards member |

School board will choose Edwards member

Scott N. Miller

EAGLE – The next Eagle County School Board member from Edwards only needs four votes to get the job.Earlier this year, Carri Tedstrom, the board’s current member from Edwards, decided not to seek another term. No one else wanted a spot on the November ballot, either. That means the school board gets to pick Tedstrom’s replacement. Three people applied for the job and were interviewed recently by the board, which will make a decision in the next few weeks. Here’s a look at who the applicants are and their answers to various questions they were asked by board members.

Bambi ForbesEducation experience: Helped start the dual-language program at Edwards Elementary School, as well as the local Gifted Education Team. Forbes was also a member of the committee that created the Eagle County Charter Academy and has been a longtime classroom volunteer. Her opinion about the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP): “The first I heard about it from teachers, they were scared. I’m happy to hear it’s gone through a metamorphosis. Teachers seem more comfortable with it. … It’s turning out to be a good program.”Why she wants the job: “I’d never really thought about it. But a number of people approached me and said, ‘Nobody’s running for the school board. You’ve got to do it.'”

Challenges the district faces: “The communication line needs to be open about TAP so it can continue to be better. Gifted education needs to be looked at. And I keep wondering about the possibilities of dual language in other schools.”Judd BabcockEducation experience: Parent volunteer in Vermont and Eagle County, member of his kids’ parent-teacher organizations. Former executive director of Vail Christian High School and board president of the Eagle County Charter Academy.Opinion about TAP: “It seemed at first there were groups against it. My point of view is that it makes sense. It seems a lot of people support it, but a lot of people feel longevity trumps performance. But it needs to be worked on.”

His opinion on a district marketing campaign: “It’s absolutely needed. This is a good district. More marketing can bring in better people.”What he’s learned working with charter and private schools: “We had a lot more parental participation there. If we could somehow devise more plans to get parents involved in some mandated way. That and smaller classes.”Why he wants the job: “When I left the charter school board, I missed it. I heard this was open, and I wanted to get back involved in education.”

Jason BenderlyEducation experience: Trustee at Vail Mountain School from about 1995 to 2000.Why he wants the job: “I’ve been looking for a way to get involved in community service, and I saw an opportunity here. Education is one of the crucial issues facing the country, and this is a chance to do something for the community.”His opinion about TAP: “Anything that can help restructure the teaching profession … that creates more flexibility has to be done. TAP’s a good start. It should be pursued and pushed.” His favorite part of being on the Vail Mountain School Board: “I didn’t enjoy fundraising. The most interesting to me was the long-range planning. We didn’t do that enough.”

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