School bond questions |

School bond questions

Don Rogers

The charter academy has no business sharing a ballot measure seeking a tax increase with the rest of the school district.

Different needs. Different issues. Different question. That should be obvious.

Growth continues to pressure public services, such as education. Some aging schools are brimming over with students.

So the Eagle County School Board is weighing whether to ask voters for an extra $36 to $50 a year per $100,000 of a home’s worth to possibly build a new high school, new elementary school, new alternative high school, campus renovations, technology and maybe even buy some land at the western end of the district for future needs.

A telephone survey taking place now, along with a version on paper, will help the school board decide if to put a measure on the ballot this fall and how much to ask for.

The charter school would like to upgrade from modular quarters into a permanent building. But crowding isn’t so much an issue with a cap of 16 students per class.

Furthermore, the charter school remains a bit controversial, with its remarkably unsuccessful efforts at outreach into the Hispanic community over 11 long years.

Any school district measure asking for more tax dollars faces an uphill battle. Bundling them all together will make that pill much harder to swallow.

So we recommend splitting the questions. One for campus construction. Another for other goals such as technology and replacing a bus garage. And another for the charter school.

Then make the best, most logical case for each goal, each a whole unto itself.

Vail, Colorado

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