School building a community project |

School building a community project

Randy Wyrick
Vail Daily/Coreen Sapp From left: Paul Gruber, Erik Petrik, Sandra Burner, Christopher Burner, Jeff Cobb, Kathy Iverson, Ron Iverson and second-grade student Austin Argueso-Nott.

Mostly, miracles happen when preparation meets opportunity, at the intersection of perspiration and planning. But miracles do happen.More than 300 people filled Vail Bible Church’s side yard Sunday morning in Eagle-Vail to join in a ground breaking for Eagle Valley Christian Academy’s new school building.”Today is a gift from God and we acknowledge the source of this day and this occasion,” Principal Sandra Burner told the enthusiastic crowd.Enthusiasm is great, the capital campaign is successful – now grab a hammer, the work’s not done.The dozen or so sign-up sheets filled quickly with the names of people volunteering time, goods and services, expertise and money. Dozens of yellow plastic hard-hats dotted the crowd like exclamation points – some standing well over 6-feet tall, some under 3-feet tall – but all pointed in the same direction, toward the same goal.Second grader Austin Argueso-Nott won a contest guessing the amount of change in a glass jar. As his prize, he got to turn the ground breaking’s first shovel of dirt. It won’t be his last.The day marked a turning point not just for Eagle Valley Christian Academy, but Vail Bible Church as well. When Pastor Erik Petrik stood before the congregation on his first Sunday as their new minister a few years back, the church had been reeling from a series of setbacks.

Petrik said those bad times were behind them – and that behind them is where those bad times would be left – and that it was time to move ahead and not think about them any more. And by the way, you’re still on the hook to expand the building.”Nothing great ever started great,” Petrik said Sunday. “Every great accomplishment has humble beginnings. From this school’s humble beginnings, God will create great things.”God, Burner said, is on their side and three years ago promised them a new building. He didn’t promise it would be easy. He didn’t promise they could put building materials under a giant pillow and the Building Fairy would poof it into existence.”Today is the unfolding of a dream of many dedicated people who believed in the vision of a new facility on this site,” said Burner.It works like this, said Burner. First of all, it’s work. If you pray for muscle tone, God directs you to the weight room. If you want extra money, God directs you to a job.If you pray for a new building, God directs you to Ron and Cathy Iverson, who headed the $3 million fund-raising campaign to build it. Then God directs you to where the tool belts are stored.Architect Chris Burner designed the facility. It’s a gymnasium surrounded by permanent classrooms with everything needed to accommodate up to 200 students, along with the faculty and staff, including community areas, a new nursery, a new youth room, classrooms and the gymnasium. RRight now, Eagle Valley Christian Academy shares office and some class space with the Vail Bible Church, as it has from its beginning eight years ago. The goal, said Chris Burner, is that the building is never empty, seven days a week.”The idea of a school as a part of the daily church function was a dream realized in the fall of 1996,” said Chris Burner. “That dream is the idea of a school as part of the daily church function in a new, permanent home.”==========================================EVCA’s new home• Library• Computer Lab• 10 Classrooms• Gymnasium

• Youth room• Cafeteria• Nursery• Office space for faculty and staff• The school will accommodate nearly 200 students• The new facility is 16,500 square feet, with a 7,000-square-foot remodel, for 23,500 square feet of space.• Eagle Valley Christian Academy is a ministry of Vail Bible Church in Eagle-Vail, where the school is located. For more information, call 845-0783.==========================================

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