School district shares decision |

School district shares decision

Don Rogers

Well, the school district can forget building new schools to solve future overcrowding at four of 16 campuses. As much sense as that might make for educational reasons, the voters aren’t going to agree to the spending. Not when boundaries can be adjusted to balance enrollment, in numbers if not to counter the effects of white flight.But give the administrators and school board lots of credit for taking the quandary to the public early with public discussions, four proposals and an attempt to survey opinion.As usual, the public has thus far not done its part. Fewer than 250 people have attended information meetings this month. At last check this week, a mere 254 had filled out the school district’s Web survey. The deadline was extended to today. You can find it at the parents of Meadow Mountain Elementary School have turned out in force to guard against notions of closing the school in favor of expanding Battle Mountain High School. Their interest makes sense, since that might be the smartest move, even if unpopular with them.Solving crowding at Gypsum Elementary is as easy as redrawing boundaries with Red Hill, which has plenty of room to grow.Too bad it’s not that simple upvalley. Voters this year won’t go for a bond measure, at $20 million or $60 million. Boundary changes are always unpopular at first. Same with changing grade-level structures, such as one proposal to keep ninth-graders in middle school.Part of the puzzle is a Minturn Middle School that’s out of the way and running at less than half capacity. Maybe the school district should look at selling the 100-acre property. Might be a good start toward funding that new school in a better place. Vail, Colorado

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