School district warns parents of ‘stranger danger’ |

School district warns parents of ‘stranger danger’

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Eagle County School District Superintendent John Brendza today sent a letter to all district parents warning them that adult strangers have approached students. Brendza’s letter is below. Look for a more complete story soon in the Vail Daily and on Parents,During the past few weeks, several Eagle County youth have been approachedby strangers who have attempted to lure them into vehicles or secludedareas. I wanted to take this opportunity to share this information withfamilies and urge a communitywide awareness of the concern.Late last week, two Avon Elementary School students were approached by astranger while they were walking to school. On September 15, a suspiciousstranger approached an Edwards Elementary student and offered candy.Additionally, there are reports that a man in the area has made overturesto adolescent boys and girls at locations where they might be unsupervisedby adults – places such as clothing departments in large stores, parksand movie theaters. Law enforcement officials have been notified in all these cases and are onthe alert for suspicious individuals. Local schools have responded withincreased “stranger danger” conversations with students. We urge allfamilies to discuss the incidents to make sure that all our kids arestranger savvy and safe throughout the community.If your child reports a stranger-contact incident, immediately contact lawenforcement. We also request that parents report the incident to yourchild’s principal so we can alert school officials. Thank you for your assistance and for your commitment to protect all EagleCounty children.Sincerely,John BrendzaSuperintendentVail DailyVail, Colorado

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