Schools have 80 new teachers |

Schools have 80 new teachers

Cindy Ramunno
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyChristina Gossehn and Brad Scales are the new teachers at Red Canyon High School.

EAGLE COUNTY Wednesday is the first day of school for Eagle County middle and high school students. Elementary school starts Sept. 1. Elementary school students will have reading assessment tests on Aug. 30th and 31, and students have individual appointments for their testing times, said Brooke Skjonsby, the school districts communications coordinator.Sharing those first-day jitters will be 80 new teachers. A few are coming back to the district after taking time off to raise children and a few more have served in other positions.

There were training sessions for new teachers earlier this month. District officials say the number of new teachers is typical, though some in the community have said the turnover rate is high due to the Teacher Advancement Program , also known as TAP. The district saw a 19 percent turnover of teachers, while neighbors Roaring Fork School District and Summit School District reported 14 percent and 11 percent teacher turnover, respectively.The following elementary teachers are new to the District: Gypsum Elementary Nita Kirwan, Alex Oliphant, Hannah Waltz, Lora Lipscomb and Christina Martinez. Red Hill Elementary Gena Kirkwood, Stacy Folkmann, Lisa Talley, Rachel Koring and Angie Marczak. Brush Creek Elementary Molly Petrie, Jen Peasrsall, Marcie Laidman and Christy Bouldin. Eagle Valley Elementary Adam Markert and Alan Pfister. Edwards Elementary Ashley Ikoniak, Maggie Sandoval, Heather Potts, Rebecca Rehorot, Kara Arner and Karen Jones. Avon Elementary Karen Behrndt, Julia Brock, Ella Clemens, Ellen Colrick, Kathy Klesmit, Fawn Gaidos, Britta Zack, Ines Barcenas, Matt Abramowitz, Karen Kiaz, Pedro Rodriguez, Desiree Green, Farnell Boone and Sue Murtha. Meadow Mountain Elementary Jennifer Hodge, Rebecca Hughes, Jessica Cass, Sherri Holloway and Holly Tranter.

Red Sandstone Elementary Carmen Valencia, William Harris and Stacy Helm. Gypsum Creek Middle School Marty Krusniak, Bill Howell, Megan McCann, Timothy Baker, Paul Black, Leslie Long and Amy Nelson. Eagle Valley Middle School Mike Morrissey and Codi Kissick. Berry Creek Middle School Krissy Gronberg, Steve Manning and Daniel Brennan. Minturn Middle School Nathan Boyd, Jennifer Phelps, Anne Powell and Lisa Guzman. Red Canyon High School Christina Gossehn and Brad Scales. Eagle Valley High School Will Rosenberg, Diane Jordan, Ross Morgan and Ken Reagan. Battle Mountain High School Jason Spannagel, Sarah Billings, Kelly Stickney, Jennifer Junto, Lewis Stahl, Ashley Arnold, David Henderson, Patti Kravitz, Anthony Karr, Geoffe Crimmon and Daniel Spottheing.

Jennifer Shark and Katy Wilhemus will teach districtwide. After serving as Eagle Valley High Schools permanent substitute and coaching various sports, Ken Reagan this year will teach physical education and freshmen seminar classes. Reagan also coaches football, and will be the girls basketball and boys baseball head coach. Im excited to have my own classes at Eagle Valley High, Reagan says.Eagle Valley High School principal Mark Strakbein says hes excited about the combination of new teachers and returning staff members. His school had one of the lowest turnovers in the District, which he says is due to overall enthusiasm. I attribute it to people really wanting to be here , says Strakbein. Superintendent John Brendza is thrilled with all 80 people. This new group of teachers is phenomenal, Brendza says. Im impressed with what they bring to the district. Were in good hands this year.

Lisa Guzman, Jennifer Phelps, Anne Powell and Nathan Boyd are new at Minturn Middle School.

New Battle Mountain High School teachers from left back, Jason Spannagel, Dan Spottheim, Tony Karr, Lewis Hul Stahl, Jen Junto, David Henderson, From Front Left, Patti Krauitz, Kelly Tissier, Sarah Billings and Ashley Arnold are new at Battle Mountain High School.

Amy Nelson, Marty Krusniak, Paul Black, Katy Wilhelmus, Billy Howell, Megan McCann, Timothy Baker and Leslie Long are new at Gypsum Creek Middle School. Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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