Schools make neighborly choice |

Schools make neighborly choice

Scott N. Miller

AVON – If a school ever gets built at the Village at Avon, it should be in a residential area.That’s the thinking of the Eagle County School Board, which recently told Assistant Superintendent Karen Strakbein to pursue a deal for a 7.3-acre school site south of Interstate 70 and west of Wal-Mart in a part of the Village at Avon subdivision slated for homes.”I’ve walked all over on these parcels, and considered our options,” Strakbein said. “My own favorite is ‘planning area D’.” That parcel is about 20 acres and zoned for residential use. And, Strakbein said, a piece of that parcel gives the district several things it wants. Most important is the location, near existing homes and in an area zoned for more.The site is also near, but not right on, a main road, and could have a southern and western exposure for a possible playground, Strakbein said.The district and developer Magnus Lindholm had been trying to agree on a new school site for the past several months. Lindholm is now looking at other uses for one of the parcels first proposed for a school, on the northeast corner of the development’s Interstate 70 interchange.The district also was once interested in a piece of property across the Eagle River to the north of Paddy’s bar in Eagle-Vail, but the U.S. Forest Service wouldn’t allow a road to the site.While the school site issue looks like it might be solved soon, don’t expect to see a building any time soon.For one thing, any work on the parcel will have to begin with removing thousands of cubic yards of dirt dumped on the parcel. Strakbein guessed about half of an approximately 80-foot hill would have to be carved away to create a level, stable, building site.For another, the district doesn’t have any plans to build right now.”There’s no timeline right now,” school board member Carri Tedstrom said. “What we’re doing is based more on what the developer’s doing and his timeline.”Before putting anything on the site, the district will hold a series of public meetings, Tedstrom said. And while the use of the spot isn’t yet clear, Tedstrom said, the need for land is obvious.”In this valley, we need the land a lot more than we need cash,” she said.Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 613, or Daily, Vail Colorado

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