Schools rejects offer to settle 3-D lawsuit |

Schools rejects offer to settle 3-D lawsuit

Scott N. Miller

The Eagle County School District has rejected another offer to settle a lawsuit over a 2001 ballot measure to provide pay increases to employees.Meeting in executive session, the Eagle County School Board last week declined an offer to settle the suit filed by local resident and Speakout! publisher Michael Cacioppo. The suit, filed in February of 2002, alleges the district did not comply with the state’s tax- and spending-limitation law, known as the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, when it presented ballot measure 3-D to voters in 2001.The suit is currently under review by the Colorado Supreme Court. A decision is expected sometime this spring or early summer.

Neither district officials nor Cacioppo would comment on specifics of the settlement offer. “It’s all or none for the district now, which is what they’re probably going to get,” Cacioppo said.”This is the fifth time I’ve given them an opportunity to settle this issue,” he added. This time, he said, “I made an offer that would allow for teacher salaries to be increased. But for the fifth time, they’ve turned me down.”Cacioppo insisted that the settlement offer, like the lawsuit itself, is about the principles of the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, also known as TABOR. “It’s never been about Mike,” he said. “It’s always been about TABOR.”

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