Science clear about global warming |

Science clear about global warming

Patrick Tvarkunas
Vail, CO, Colorado

Since the Vail Daily supported Dick Gustafson in the last election, it is no wonder that it is willing to devote so much space to his views in “Valley Voices.”

Mr. Gustafson, a devout Republican, is obviously riled up about taxes, among most other things that don’t follow Republican Party lines, and states just that in his article on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I do not have space to address his string of unsubstantiated half-truths, statistical inventions, and dubious diatribes.

One lie I do take particular exception to are his remarks regarding global climate change as a myth, and his citing of a Republican witch hunt led by oil-state Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) to dig up dirt to support his friends at Exxon in propagating this lie.

As his recent columns suggest, Mr. Gustafson states he is a strict adherent to the Constitution. Therefore the Supreme Court’s decision in Massachusetts v. EPA to treat CO2 as a pollutant should be enough to stifle his reasoning.

Further investigation would lead to the fact that dissenting scientists are in the order of hundreds to one. Maybe we could report on that.

If we truly believe in democracy, we wouldn’t even waste two seconds on the small handful of global warming scientists who have been bought and paid for by big business interests.

Let’s weigh out the options:

No. 1: CO2 is no problem, go on with business as usual and take our chances with the future. Oops, sorry we were wrong, the planet cannot support life as we know it.

Vs. No. 2: CO2 is the overwhelming scientifically verified culprit of global climate change, and decades from now we will have more efficient energy sources that produce zero CO2 to power zero CO2 motors to do our work with as little environmental impact as possible.

I can’t fathom that anyone would be willing to risk our-their grandchildren’s future by arguing for option No. 1.

Thank you, Mr. Gustafson, for enlightening me in how interest-laden propaganda can be disseminated by mass media to the public. It is our role, as an alert and knowledgeable citizenry, to expose these deceptions and destroy them, not further them.

Frankly, we can all watch Fox News and get the latest right wing big business views. We don’t need our local paper to further these lies.

Patrick Tvarkunas


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