Science minded VCHS seniors |

Science minded VCHS seniors

Cindy Ramunno

Among the 24 Vail Christian High School graduating seniors, eight of those are looking at science-filled futures. The high school boasts a strong, rigorous science curriculum, and the students say they are appreciative of that fact.

John McGee will be working towards a physics degree; Brooke Horan-Kates will study biology and genetics; P.J. Bevan will be doctor; Peter Ferguson and Andreas Bauer will study engineering; Trey Milhoan will seek a degree in agricultural science and veterinarian science; and Matt Seavet and Kyle Morris will study athletic training, with Seavet concentrating on the physical therapy aspect and Morris looking towards kinesiology.

“Since Ms. (Melinda) Larson started teaching at Vail Christian, our science department has improved greatly,” says Bevan, who will be attending pre-med classes and playing hockey in Minnesota this fall. “We have a very demanding science curriculum, and no other school could have prepared me for what I will need,” Bevan adds.

Parents, students and staff have seen the curriculum and activities for science grow each year at the school. Carol McGee (John’s mother), says that this year the school added a Science Club. “Honestly, what I’ve liked is how they take each student and provide enrichment individually,” says McGee. McGee added that since Vail Christian has a smaller number of students, staff members really focus on each kid.

Larson says she loves teaching at the school because of the small class sizes and class dynamics. “The students at Vail Christian are highly motivated and the parent involvement and support is incredible,” says Larson.

Seavet agrees, “Science is awesome at our school.” He added that the curriculum helped him with his plans for pursue a degree in physical therapy at the University of Kansas.

Larson and other staff members at the school agree that this year’s seniors are an exceptional bunch of students. “A large number of our students possess an aptitude in science like none other that I’ve had the pleasure of teaching in the past years,” says Larson.

The promising doctors, physical therapists and others stand out with their problem solving abilities, resourcefulness and work ethic. Says Larson, “I’m really looking forward to seeing what they, as well as the rest of the 2004 graduating seniors, do with their futures.”

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