Scooters are serious business |

Scooters are serious business

Craig McLeod, Avon

I am glad to see that people are taking to scooters, as well as motorcycles, to reduce their use of gas. I hope that Friday’s article leads to more scooter use.

However, it is important that people take driving a scooter on the roads as serious business and should not be taken lightly. While you may think that this is obvious, people are opting for 49cc motors, which do not require a motorcycle license.

Translation: You don’t need to take a driving test or a safety course.

The low power and simplicity of scooters seems to have left some people complacent. I have witnessed some 49cc scooter driving from my 900cc sport bike that scared the daylights out of me. If you are a person riding a scooter (or even a motorcycle) without a motorcycle license, I would like to offer some simple safety rules of thumb that I use.

1) If you wouldn’t do it while driving your car, don’t do it on a cycle or scooter: This includes things like weaving/drifting back and forth in your lane or passing cars at an intersection by using the turn lane or median.

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2) Space is your friend because you don’t have a roll cage: In a world of bowling balls, remember that you are the ping-pong ball.

3) Always think to yourself, “Can all drivers see me?”: It is harder for drivers to see smaller vehicles, much less a cycle or scooter so you need to help them see you. Remember that if the accident was not your fault, I’m sure someone will mention that fact during your eulogy.

I do not want to discourage scooter or motorcycle use, but rather ensure that your experience is a safe and long one. That starts with a serious and safe approach.

Please have a safe and fuel efficient summer.

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