Score a touchdown with your last-minute Super Bowl party |

Score a touchdown with your last-minute Super Bowl party

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

It doesn’t matter who’s playing in the Super Bowl if you’re at the right party.

Diehard Giants and Pats fans will be glued to the set Sunday afternoon, the score dictating how much they drink. The rest of us, well, we’re just looking for a good time, and what better excuse to throw a house party than Super Bowl XLII.

The following is our guide to hosting a proper Super Bowl party on any monetary and time budget.

You can’t call it a Super Bowl party unless you have the game on TV. Size doesn’t matter too much, but the bigger the better, especially if you expect a lot of people to show up.

According to Clair Graham, owner of Sassy Events, an event and party-planning company in Vail, the TV is very important for keeping the guests happy and entertained during the bulk of the party.

“To throw a whole party just to watch (the Super Bowl), you’d want to have a pretty good television, I think. Those big screens are awesome, but obviously it’s the crowd not the TV,” Graham said.

Your TV should be prominently displayed in a place that allows maximum viewing from all areas of the room.

Big screen or not, as long as the game is on and audible, football fans will be able to argue while the socialites hang back to discuss politics in the kitchen.

It’s ironic, really. While watching fine-tuned athletes play their guts out for our entertainment, we consume some of the most unhealthy food imaginable while cheering them on.

You’ll want to have the usual at your Super Bowl party: Nachos, chicken wings, pizza, anything that is easy to make and doesn’t sack your wallet. Graham said that puting out food that requires no thought or maintenance, such as chips and dip, is the best way to take care of the food situation. Finger foods will also cut out the need to dirty up a lot of dishes.

All snacks and drinks should be set up buffet-style at a station away from the TV, like the kitchen, where the view won’t be obstructed by hungry guests. And it will keep them from spilling food and beverages on your living room rug, Graham said.

“It always helps out asking guests to bring something with them, it takes the burden off you with the planning,” Graham said.

If you only remember one thing for your Super Bowl party, make it this: Buy your booze Saturdy because you won’t be able to on Sunday.

Liquor stores throughout the valley will see a spike in sales due to the big game this weekend, because everyone knows beer and football go together like Britney Spears and the psych ward.

“Super Bowl is a big weekend,” said Joseph Settle, an employee at Riverwalk Wine and Spirits. “Lot’s of beer, obviously. People do different drink ideas at parties, margaritas, bloody marys, probably, I would say, other vodka drinks; it runs the gamut.”

Because Super Bowl parties can bring together a diverse group of people ” many of whom won’t be watching the game ” alcohol can be an excellent icebreaker and help everyone loosen up and mingle.

It depends on your friends tastes in alcohol as to what you provide at the party, and it is not bad manners to suggest guests bring whatever they want to drink to the party.

“You can never go wrong with getting a keg for a Super Bowl party,” said Carlos Rivas of Avon Liquors.

The keg is a simple solution and you probably won’t hear any complaints.

When it comes to decorating for your Super Bowl party, nothing says “I love football” like streamers in your team’s colors. In a pinch, you may not be able to find paper plates and cups with a team logo on it, but these items can usually be found in most basic team colors.

Marian Salazar is the owner of Party Central in Avon and she said that there isn’t usually a high demand for Super Bowl party planning, most people just want napkins or tablecloths in team colors, and of course, balloons.

“Balloons I think are always nice just because they’re big and not super expensive,” Salazar said.

Costumes are another way to decorate yourself and add an element of fun to the party. Painting your face, dressing up in team colors and putting on that old cheerleader outfit, these are all things that can make the party more fun, Salazar said.

Whether you have a lot of furniture of just the bare essentials (or just a couple of plastic crates and a beanbag chair), how you arrange it is a key part to making everybody comfortable at the party.

“The more open space the better,” said party planner Graham.

She suggests making a large space available around the TV to allow as many people to watch the game as possible. Avoid sectioning off central spaces with furniture so that tripping and spilled food and drinks can hit the floor instead of your upholstery.

If you need furniture, a quick solution would be folding camp chairs that take up very little room and can be quickly stored after use.

Or pay a visit to the Thrifty Shoppe in Edwards like Eagle-Vail resident J.K. Perry did before last year’s big game. His search for a couch specifically for his Super Bowl party led him to haggle over pricing with a Thrifty Shoppe employee, but he got his couch, and his guests had somewhere to sit.

“It did the job just fine. It smells and it doesn’t look that great,” Perry said.

A Super Bowl party is really just a glorified way of hanging out with friends, and none of the other stuff matters if the company is good ” that is as long as your team doesn’t get slaughtered.

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