Scott Miller: The speech I want to hear |

Scott Miller: The speech I want to hear

Scott N. Miller
Vail CO, Colorado

Now that we’re finally, officially, in an election year and not just the run-up to one, I’m going to start paying attention to national politics.

What I’ve heard so far is disconcerting, mostly a reflection of why so many Americans believe, rightly, that their national government has basically stopped functioning.

With that in mind, I hereby vow to immediately quit my job and go to work for any candidate of either party who will deliver, and believe, the following speech:

“My fellow Americans:

“We live in the strongest, most free and prosperous nation in the history of humanity. We are, in fact, a force for good in the world. Americans have a long tradition of optimism and solving problems that would doom lesser nations. No matter our problems, we can overcome them and improve our country.

“That’s always a tough job, made even more difficult today by the poisoned nature of our political discourse. Our leaders have always been lampooned and lambasted by other politicians and the public, but somehow our republic survived and thrived. Today, we have all the rancor with none of the productivity.

“I don’t have all the answers to cure this, but my highest ideal is to find new roads we can all travel on the way to fulfilling our nation’s potential. To do that, we need to encourage our leaders to find solutions that go beyond party dogma.

“On energy, for example, our nation’s policy needs to reflect both the future and today’s reality. We need a determined, almost feverish effort to develop sources of energy that are as portable, efficient, and, yes, clean as petroleum can be. But we also need to recognize that day is years away, at best, and do our best to find and develop domestic sources of oil, gas and clean coal to cut our imports and the flow of money to nations that so often fund terrorism.

“We need to find common ground, somehow, on immigration, too.

“Make no mistake, we must secure our borders. But the fact of the matter is that whether the number is 12 million or 30 million, there’s no way we can possibly deport everyone now illegally in our country. Besides being virtually impossible logistically, the vast majority of these people are working. Finding a way to keep these people on the job, legally, would likely boost wages for workers and tax collections for government.

“More important, though, securing our borders should be thought of as one of the most important human rights issues of our time. Those who smuggle immigrants are modern-day slave traders, jackals who have little or no regard for those they sneak across the border and transport in jam-packed vehicles.

“We aren’t just talking about “illegals,” we’re talking about people. No one deserves to be treated the way the smugglers mistreat so many of their clients.

“These are just a couple of the issues that have divided voters and politicians alike. Too many of our so-called leaders have exploited those divisions for political gain. Real leaders do their level best to find solutions, even if the so-called “base” of their political supporters grumble.

“I pledge to you that if elected, I’ll work not for political gain, but to make our country better. We might not always agree, and I won’t pretend to try to make everyone happy, but if everyone complains to about the same degree overall, I’ll know we’re on the right track.”

That’s what I want to hear, but I suspect I’ll be keeping the job I’m in just a little longer.

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