Scott Reiter, RCHS |

Scott Reiter, RCHS

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Scott ReiterRed Canyon High SchoolTown you live in: Gyp town in the house!In the valley for: 18 years.Have you been affected by senioritis: I dont know what senioritis is, so no?Future plans: I will be attending Fort Lewis College in Durango this coming fall semester, as of now for a double major in secondary education and journalism.Fondest high school memory : Thats like asking someone to pick out the coolest piece of sand on a beach! It just cant be done!How your high school has prepared you for the future: I think Red Canyon, as far as preparing you for whats next in life, is practically unbeatable. It just teaches you at a younger age than most that if you want something in life youve got to go get it, and nobody is going to do it for you. Something few people know about you: I love to read and I have an older brother.What makes you smile: Metal thrashing madness, steezy switch 5s, Jesse Leeper skateboarding, old people falling, dirty jokes and Maddy Green!

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