Screen names on the way |

Screen names on the way

Don Rogers

One off-shoot of new registration for our Web site will be requiring folks who post comments to use screen names.Currently, viewers can only guess when the same person posts replies to stories or other comments (maybe even their own).The feature will make submitting photos and video easier, too, our techies tell us. And eventually, this may help us customize the Web site more to individual interests. Great.Here, though, we’re mostly concerned with the comments, which can get pretty rough and tumble. We don’t want to interfere on the Web with the comfort some people have in expressing their thoughts and feelings without divulging their real names. We don’t quite get that, either, given that we put our name to everything we say – socially acceptable or not. It adds to the argument or discussion if you know who you are talking with.A screen name will take you part way there. The commenter can have a recognizable identity without you knowing this is your neighbor weighing in with such vigor.Sure, a serial commentor or two no doubt will register several times and have several screen names. What they think they will accomplish, who knows. But humans are like that. Weird. Have a hoot.Vail, Colorado

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