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Chef-owner Dimitri Souvorin of Montauk.

Montauk is the big kahuna for all things seafood. The Lionshead restaurant was recently bought by long-time employees Dimitri Souvorin and Tom Ludwig, and they’re staying true to its identity. “The secret is bringing in the absolute freshest fish all the time,” says Souvorin. “These days I can get so much fish flown in. We’re really here to showcase the fish, not to showcase our own cooking.”

Billy’s Island Grill is a classic steak and seafood restaurant with a tropical flavor. The Cabo shrimp brings island-style to Lionshead. Sato in Edwards doesn’t do much to its seafood other than slice and serve. Sushi is a specialty, especially the spicy tuna sashimi. Though not a seafood restaurant, Splendido’s potato-wrapped salmon with caviar sauce and oven-roasted lobster are anything but fishy.

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