Season welcomes all shoes feminine |

Season welcomes all shoes feminine

Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyWell Heeled, a new women's shoe store in Edwards, carries sandals such as this flowery slip on, $165, for your hot-weather destinations.

For some women it’s chocolate, for others it’s shoes. For me, it’s both.My grandpa (who prefers chocolate) once gave me some insight on women and shoes.”Whenever I compliment a woman on her shoes, she loves it. She just lights up. I don’t know why; it’s better than any line I know.”How did we end up in a culture so obsessed with Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, now synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw?

We know why.A woman’s shoes are a symbol of her inner-most desires.Because you get to literally, subtlety walk in someone else’s shoes. You get to dream a little. And we do love it when men compliment our shoes, because it’s like looking right into our souls.Sometimes they have a purpose and sometimes they don’t. When you get bored with their functionality, shoes becomes a luxury, and simply another way to express our individuality.

From design to details to hues, whatever your whim, it’s important to understand the relationship between your shoes and your trousers or skirt.About shapeThey key is balance. When you’re shopping for shoes, ask yourself what you already own that you can wear with them, and buy according to the style and length of your pants. If you’re wearing a wide leg pant, usually a sturdier, chunkier shoe compliments it best. A stacked heel or a sporty sneaker work well. The romantic and feminine round toe speaks volumes to versatility, looking good with almost anything from skirts to cropped pants to wide trousers.

And naturally, a daintier shoe tends to pair well with a slimmer pant. Try a ladylike heel or ballet flat. Slingbacks and stilettos meet their match with a full skirt.Detail-orientedFlats are for comfort and have a reputation for being conservative. But when I put on a pair, I suddenly feel as spontaneous as Holly Golightly and as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn. Pointy toed or ballet style, flats are playful and casual, with enough grace to suit skirts and cropped pants.

Put away the cowboy hats. We’ve seen cowboys boots for a few seasons, and now they’re jeweled, stitched, woven or distressed. Wear them with jeans or a skirt to give you the laid-back look of the West.The Ugg, as we know it, may be out, but we have a lot to thank them for. Soft knee-high boots that your feet can cozy up to, in everything from shearling to suede to rabbit fur to leather, are all the rage. Take advantage. This is one trend that actually looks native to our rugged surroundings, as opposed to most.But please, just because you live in the mountains, don’t think you have to dress like it. The high heel can still be a part of your wardrobe’s vocabulary, and might I add, the higher the better. Heels are back, inspiring women to free themselves from post-feminist notions and just revel in their womanhood.On the beaten path

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Whether you prefer heels or flats, femininity is inspiring shoe designers across the board.Bows are a popular a adornment. On the tip of the toe or above the heel, a touch of bow seems a perfect fit for the romantic ’50s-inspired look.And jewels aren’t just for the face and hands anymore. Beads, pearls, crystals and sequins on shoes are jewelry for the feet. Wear sequined slipper flats in the day and bejeweled stilettos in the evening.The fun, flirty peep-toe is back. This wear-anytime shoe is plenty versatile.

From satin to suede, alligator to tweed, there aren’t many fabrics we’re not seeing shoes in right now. Look for hues of green, purple and metallic.With so many options, you can walk in someone else’s shoes nearly every day. What does your sole fancy?Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 619, or Colorado

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