Seat of ire in the ivory tower |

Seat of ire in the ivory tower

Don Rogers

Talk to a true believer local Republican and the Daily’s editor is an “insipid ass” and probably worse, a liberal. Talk to a counterpart in the local Democratic Party and the inky devil’s a “card-carrying” Republican, and worse, much worse, a staunch Tom Stone supporter.

He’s a blithering idiot to a spouse whose better half we failed to endorse, and in the next conversation simply brilliant in the same endorsement editorial. The placement of letters to the editor is a diabolical scheme, rather than a backlog and trying to run letters in the rough order they were submitted; yeah, that’ll swing votes, yessir.

For the record, he does have an unfortunate tendency to vote Republican, though he’s a poor one and an even worse Democrat. Alas, he can’t seem to find that card, and the adage about “friends like this” surely is at the tips of the tongues of the true blue GOPers in the valley.

Just don’t accuse him of using his own mind, such as it is. Has to be some dark partisan conspiracy pushing that blithering idiot’s pen. Can’t be a bit of genuine outrage at people who care more about winning than anything else at this point, including views based on something at least approximating truth.

Now there’s a concept.

Here’s another: Truth be known, that same editor is pretty weary of the ideologues who twist fact and the folks who reach into personal lives for mud, and worse, to sling – whichever party claims their fealty.

So we’re clear

We should make doubly clear, if that’s possible, that the ugly whispering about Bill Kaufman’s personal life – the truth is of course much different than the rumor – did not come from rival sheriff’s candidate Joe Hoy. Hoy expresses strong abhorrence to this gutter style of campaigning, which does dishonor to the race.

He’s disgusted, too. D.R.

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