Second City splits sides over couplehood |

Second City splits sides over couplehood

Andrew Harley
Special to the DailyKirk Hanley, left, and Maribeth Monroe wrote and perform the script to "My Cousin's Wedding," playing at the Vilar Center tonight and twice on Sunday.

Love is an many-anxietied thing.

Or, so goes the two-act play, “My Cousin’s Wedding,” written and performed by Kirk Hanley and Maribeth Monroe.

In the story, the unmarried couple, Meg and Mike, receive an invitation to a wedding, and are forced to go through all of the hassles together, from buying a gift to the couple’s shower, the bachelor party and the reception itself.

“The story’s about a couple who are extras at someone else’s wedding,” said Monroe. “They kind of know the family, so they’re forced to go through all of the preparations. All of the plot has to do with going to the wedding, which brings up more issues within their relationship.”

Hanley and Monroe met at the Second City comedy theatre in Detroit more than four years ago, and have performed this show together for the past two.

“When Kirk and I began working together at Second City in Detroit we had great chemistry, and we really loved working together,” said Monroe. “We started doing almost all our scenes together. The director gave us a lecture to encourage us to work with some of the other cast members.”

Monroe approached Hanley with the project in 2000. It took them a little more than six months to write the whole thing, and the show hit the road in September of 2001.

“I approached Kirk with the idea to explore two characters for a longer period, rather than a three- to seven-minute sketch. We wanted to do couple scenes, relationship scenes,” said Monroe. “Second City has a specific audience; it’s cutting edge. But, there are only sketches there; you don’t get to follow the characters.”

In “My Cousin’s Wedding,” the audience will have the opportunity to get to know Meg and Mike very well, as Meg seeks more spontaneity and passion out of Mike, and Mike tries to strengthen the devotion within the relationship.

“Well, I’m not sick of the show, and I’ve been doing it for two years,” said Monroe. “I think it’s grown into a really beautiful piece of work. It’s a very romantic, sweet show that I feel we wrote for everyone who’s ever been in a relationship, or witnessed a relationship between parents.”

But let’s not forget about the humor.

“I think they (the audience) will laugh, and they’ll definitely be moved,” said Monroe.

Monroe has performed at the Vilar Center before with Chicago’s Second city touring company.

“I’m crossing my fingers because last time I got a little altitude sickness when I was up there,” said Monroe. “But Beaver Creek is beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking.”

The two-act show lasts about 75 minutes and tickets are $40. For more information, visit

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