Second only to Seibert |

Second only to Seibert

Don Rogers

For a one-year wonder, two years tops, if you listened to the local wags at the time, Vail Resorts CEO Adam Aron has exceeded expectations pretty handily.You know the caricature: Chicago-East Coast corporate biz whiz in the top seat for the top ski resort company. Scandalous! It’ll never do. Gotta have a ski guy running a ski company. Right?Well, maybe that’s a little simplistic. Ski guys, or gals, on the hill. But Vail Resorts succeeds and fails on its ability to attract skiers, make the payroll, and – heresy as this may be to say – find ways to bring in income during those six or seven months when the snow isn’t falling.Oh, and aren’t those prized higher-end “destination” visitors from out of state generally “corporate” types? Seems a few folks running the ski hills ought to perhaps have have a little insight into what makes those folks tick, right?Anyway, Aron this week broke into the second-longest tenure of any Vail Resorts CEO in the history of the company, behind only the legendary Pete Seibert, who built Vail Mountain.For the record that’s eight years and 35 days … and counting. An indictmentOh sure, the passage of Labor Day marks the beginning of the campaign season, especially when the elections are capped by the presidential race. With some luck American voters will participate with fervor approaching, say, the voter turnout of the Russians. Yeah, you can say that’s a pretty sad indictment of us and our remarkable apathy when it comes to the folks making big decisions that do affect our daily lives quite profoundly. D.R.

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