Secondhand nonsense |

Secondhand nonsense

Scott Sommers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Thank you for printing David Dillon’s Valley Voices on secondhand smoke. Finally, logic and facts instead of hysteria.

It’s unbelievable how much this popular fairy tale has turned American society upside down. There’s not one single bit of scientific evidence that smoke harms anyone but the smoker, and there never was. That’s fact, not opinion. Not one single person has ever died from breathing someone else’s smoke. It is without a doubt the most successful urban legend ever.

In point of fact, there have been numerous scientific studies proving no relation at all between breathing someone else’s smoke and health risks to yourself and only one claiming there is a relation, and that’s the study that was discredited.

Science isn’t on the side of the secondhand-smoke believers. Science proves them absolutely, positively wrong.

If it was so harmful, anyone who ever grew up in a house with smoking or who was married to a smoker would be dead.

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We studied the infamous Environmental Protection Agency report in college. I remember that our professor used the logical argument that if you accept that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and if nonsmokers were to breathe it in through someone else’s smoke, they would become addicted themselves and crave a smoke when the smoker isn’t around. They don’t.

No one has ever claimed that secondhand smoke is addictive, only that it is harmful. So logic tells you that if there is no addiction by the nonsmokers, then there is no nicotine and, hence, the dangerous elements in smoke are not exhaled.

The dangerous ingredients in cigarette smoke are inhaled and absorbed by the smoker. What is exhaled is no more dangerous than breathing the air that we breathe every day with all the garbage in the atmosphere. It might be unpleasant, but it doesn’t pose any danger. There would be toddlers with lung cancer everywhere if it did.

I howled at this new fable that smoke residue on the floor can kill years later. OMG! How lame-brained can you be? How many babies have yo heard about who died from crawling on a smoker’s floor? LOL! Get real! Your garage is full of more poisonous air and residue than a house with cigarette smoke. The scary thing is there are people who believe these insane fantasies.

When the federal court Dillon mentioned ruled that the reports on secondhand smoke were bunk, it should have been headline news everywhere, and every law that had been voted on as a result should have been wiped off the books.

But the fanatics are too powerful for that, and the public is like a sponge for their nutty liberal propaganda. What’s allowed the secondhand-smoke fairy tale to succeed is the inability of the average person to examine the facts and apply logic to what they hear. They see a TV commercial and react as though it were news. It’s not news. It’s advertising with a bias.

It never ceases to amaze me how really gullible people can be. That’s exactly what the secondhand-smoke crusaders bank on. They’d never have gotten away with this sham if the public were well informed and intelligent and had any common sense. But they aren’t. You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Scott Sommers

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