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See the show, OR BE THE SHOW

Cassie Pence
Special to the Daily/Lynn WasmerHypnotherapist turned entertainer Michael C. Anthony will be entertaining at the Vilar Center on Saturday.

Put simply, hypnotism is just the power of suggestion.”People will believe completely ridiculous things in the state of hypnosis,” hypnotherapist turned entertainer Michael C. Anthony said.Anthony went to school for hypnotherapy, spending many years stripping people of their fears and phobias and helping others lose weight or quit smoking. Now, he uses his techniques to entertain. During his show “Hypnotized,” Anthony makes people believe they’re in a dance contest or on a trip to the Bahamas. He can even make someone fall in love with a broom. Anthony shows what the human mind is capable of at the Vilar Center Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

“Anything that is in somebody’s own moral code of ethics they can believe while they’re in a state of hypnosis,” Anthony said. “People who want to be hypnotized can go into a trance quite easily.”Anthony uses language patterns to induce a hypnotic trance. He analogs certain phrases, like “get more relaxed,” changing his pace and tone. The unconscious mind hears the subtle changes and registers it as a hypnotic command. Whatever Anthony is saying, if he throws in “get more relaxed,” the person will feel more relaxed. The suggestions work because it is a form of hypnotic blindness.”Have you ever lost your keys or your purse and have found it in a place where you know you have looked many, many times? That’s hypnotic blindness, where because your brain is saying, ‘I can’t find my wallet, I can’t find my wallet,’ you can actually look at it and not see it,” Anthony said.Researchers say we go into a state of hypnosis, some sort of state where we just zone out for awhile, about every 12 minutes. A common trance is a highway trance, where you may not recall driving the last ten minutes.

Anthony begins the show by asking for about 30 volunteers. Anyone who wants to can come up on stage. Using the language patterns, he induces a trance and tells the volunteers that he is invisible.”I pick things up and the volunteers actually think the things are floating,” Anthony said. “Everyone on the stage is using their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn’t reason like the conscious mind does.”Anthony has convinced a woman to get so comfortable that she slipped her bra off on stage. The bra sat there for about a half hour until Anthony worked it into the show.

“I eventually told her that her bra was her headphones to her Walkman, and she put the bra on over her ears and acted as if she was listening to music,” Anthony said.”Hypnotized” is a clean show, there’s no humiliation. You can’t hypnotize someone against their will.”Anybody who has the ability to concentrate on the stage will definitely go into a hypnotic state,” Anthony said.See the show or be the show Saturday at the Vilar Center. For ticket information, call (970) 845-TIXS.vail colorado

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