See ‘When Love Takes Over’ Thursday through Saturday in Vail |

See ‘When Love Takes Over’ Thursday through Saturday in Vail

Allie Gruber and Zack McKeever play the Martins: Heather and Garron, brother and sister, in the Vail Mountain School production, "When Love Takes Over." It runs through Saturday.
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If You Go ...

What: “When Love Takes Over,” Vail Mountain School’s latest theater production

When: 6:30 p.m. today and Saturday.

Where: Peter Abuisi Theater, Vail Mountain School .

Cost: $15.

More information: Purchase reserve seating at, or buy tickets at the door.

The Cast

Heather Martin: Allie Gruber

Jake Ryan: Brendan Keane

Heather Simpson: Michele Philippon

Matthew McCarthy: Cooper Sampson

Heather Hopkins: Lauren Vossler

Max Dunphy: Max Foote

Heather O’Malley: Hannah Geisman

Tim Lee: Julian Nisonoff

Heather Dutch: Alicia Chavez

Josh Reagan: Daniel Tierney

Allison Beckham: Brooke Weller

Biff Buffington: Luke McKeever

Marianne Savell: Malia Hollander

Heidi Klaus: Georgia Hintz

Taylor Malone: Kellyn Peck

Garron Martin: Zack McKeever

Stephanie Lawson: Sophia Nisonoff

Ty Warren: Cameron Bill

Shannon Williams: Camille Chicoine

Mr. Wagon: Alec Mauro

Miss Monsoon: Sabrina D’Andrea

Miss Monsoon’s Class

Marley Chappel

Bess Daniel

Caroline Chipala

Maddy Cooper

Maria D’Andrea

Henry Heaydon

Maggie Herron

Audrey Howell

Lexi Linafelter

Carly Lloyd

Leland McInerny

VAIL — It’s spring, and in the spring, young people’s fancies turn to love, or something like it.

“When Love Takes Over,” Vail Mountain School’s latest production, features the pursuit of love in the 1980s, which means you get bonus points for breaking out your Day-Glo, acid washed jeans and leg warmers. You get even more bonus points if you wear them to the show, which would mortify your kids, but most kids end up talking to either counselors or each other, and our job is to give them something to talk about.

The 90-minute revue features 16 1980s hits, include “Africa” by Toto, “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the B-52’s “Love Shack” and “Take on Me” by Aha.

“It was the kids’ idea,” said Greg Jones, Vail Mountain School’s theater director. “I want this to look like an ’80s concert.”

Jones wrote the segues, moving the show along crisply.

“In a revue, you just have to get from one song to another. It’s about the singing, dancing and acting,” Jones said.

Like most great works, the show has a plot that holds it together, weaving through the music and dance.


The story is about three days in the lives of middle and high school students in the ’80s as they learn about different aspects of love: True love, unrequited love, puppy love, family love … there are lots of kinds of love — sort of like the Eskimos and snowflakes.

Anyway, the kids discover that love is not always about a fairy tale happy ending, but the emotional journey.

In other words, love’s not a destination, it’s a trip.

Among the characters are five girls named Heather, an alpha male athlete named Jake, an awkward eighth-grade couple and a German foreign exchange student arbitrarily dropped in the middle of it all. They are supervised by their teacher, Ms. Monsoon, and guidance counselor, Mr. Wagon. His first name is Charles, but of course everyone calls him Chuck.

It’s a cast of 40 and it features the opportunity to do some of their most ambitious work, Jones said.

VMS has several dancers among its student body, kids who participate in some high-level ballet schools, including the Vail Youth Ballet Company. They have five of the members dancing in the show.

“They leave school and go there, and they don’t necessarily get the recognition that they should,” Jones said. “This is an opportunity for them to share their talent with the community.”

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